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CWS has supplied Belt Conveyors for bags to many plants. We have also supplied belt conveyor for clinker not only in India but also in UAE and Bangladesh for storage of clinker into shed using movable trolley.


The design of belt conveyors is rugged in construction made of international standards. Fabrication is accurately made to ensure perfect alignment. We offer the following types of conveyor belt.


-          A fixed type over head conveyor system, very useful for handling various kinds of bags, varying from 50 kgs to 100 kg bags.


-          Portable Belt Conveyor System for two stage crushing and screening plant. All conveyor units have ruggedly fabricated steel structure frames so that the whole unit can be shifted, wherever needed.


-          Belt Conveyor System for handling various types of stones aggregates for crushing and screening plant.


-          Belt conveyor system for clinker transport.


We are expert in designing and developing conveyor belts and accessories for specific application. These Conveyor Systems and accessories are manufactured to the most exacting levels of quality. The broad portfolio of industrial conveyor belts, general conveyor belts, drive pulleys and tail pulley etc.


Conveyor Belts – Designed for carrying wet or loose sand, grain material in bags. The V shaped chevron belts prevent / reduce sliding of the material off the belts. Complete enclosed and dust free transport.


No spillage from return belt. Return belt can also be used to convey material.