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There are basically two types of filling system namely Gross Weighing system and Net Weighing System.,  Gross Weighing is the system where filling and weighing is done simultaneously whereas in Net Weighing is the system where the material is weighed first and then filled into bags.

Net Weighers are normally used for material which can fall with gravity and free falling for example Rice, Wheat , Flour and some other chemicals.  The material is weighed first in a small bin which is on Load Cell and then once the pre set weight is achieved , the inlet of the material to this bin is closed and the material is dumped into the bag, which could be either open mount or valve type of bag.  There is the possibility of one weigher on top or two weighers on top with single loading chute.  The capacity of Net Weigher ranges from 400 to 1200 bags depending upon the product as well as number of weighers on top.